Wednesday, March 24

ROTFL, *Almost*

**EDIT** I know, I know, at the top? But whatever. While I was writing this, these songs were stuck in my head. If you want to listen to them as you read this, feel free :)
Giants in the Ocean- Sky Eats Airplane (I like this one better... the techno bit at the end is fun), and Electric Choir- JoyWave (AKA, The Hoodies)
and if you can't tell... The names of the songs are links... just saying :)
If you want to laugh really really hard, while reading a book, I suggest reading this series:

The Name of This Book Is Secret
If You're Reading This, It's Too Late
This Book Is Not Good For You
This Isn't What It Looks Like (coming soon... hopefully)

But seriously. I'm reading the second one right now (almost literally... and technically, I'm supposed to be doing homework... but the contract in the beginning [of all of them, I'm going to assume] says I can read it if I'm trying to get out of doing homework, so it's all good.), and almost literally, I was rolling around on the floor because I was laughing so hard. I kinda wanna give you the intro... but I'm not sure that I'm not lazy enough to actually go and cite it and junk. hmm... there must be a more simplistic way to do this!!
HAH! Thanks, Amazon :) You're a true lifesaver.
So, if you would like to look a few pages into the first three books, click here! You can click the book, and look inside! And, for the record, I totally suggest reading the copyright pages. They're hilarious, too.
OH NO! I just saw that Amazon omits the intros. So... fail. I guess I'll cite it... because personally, I don't want to have the law against me. No plagiarizing! I AM NOT A DELINQUENT! Not officially, anyway :) Ok, so I won't say all of it, just the... end... yeah.
"Better to jump back in.
Never mind how cold the water is. Or how deep. Or how many man-eating --
The only way to write is to write and I'm just going to --
Wait! I need a second to settle my mind.
Two seconds.
There. I'm standing on the edge, pen in hand, ready to take the plunge.
And here I --

yes, yes, simply amazing. Me gusta mucho.
Ok, so no one will get mad at me, here's the citation, RIGHT HERE:

Bosch, Pseudonymous. If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. 1st. New York, New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2008. 8-11. Print.

Yep. It's proof that in fact, I did not write this. Nope. Unless... I'm Pseudonymous Bosch?! O.O Since when?!

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