Monday, March 8

Wow. Poor Hortensia.

So, I'm doing my Spanish homework, and I just read the instructions for a section.

Hortensia has gone to her counselor because she's having trouble making friends.

talk about a confidentiality fail. If I went to my counselor because i'm having trouble making friends, I wouldn't want random strangers to know that! Dude, poor Hortensia's probably depressed now. She probably received this worksheet, and all her non-friends started making fun of her.
Now I kind of want to find someone named Hortensia and become her friend. Just in case. :)

so, i did the sad assignment. I had to write the counselor's report. It went something along the lines of this:

Hortensia looks for a friend, but it's not supported. Also, she needs a friend to respect her feelings. She doesn't know anyone who is loyal. When they fight, none of her friends admit any errors. She said that no one she knows is nice.

... and I thought I was having a bad week. Poor Hortensia!! I almost cried!! :(

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