Wednesday, April 28

Je sais je ne suis pas un loup-garou!

Click here for a sort of guide thing on shopping city...just in case you were playing.

And click here to see the creepy rabbit, Bunnicula.
And I'm pretty sure THIS is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. I guess it's mainly the way he looks all impassive about it, know. It's just funny.
Also, in my neighborhood, there's this van painted to look like the Mystery Machine (from Scooby Doo), but whenever you see it, there's no time to take a picture because it's driving. Well, today I was riding my bike through this part of the neighborhood I've never been to (I'm not sure how that happened), and I found the van! It was great. Also, some guy said I had a nice bike?
Anyway, that's pretty much it. We've got TAKS this week (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), and it has been boring me to tears. The only plus side is no homework and more sleep. YAY!
Oh yeah. and in case you were wondering, the title says, "I know I am not a werewolf!" It's from this game we played in French.... if you've ever played the game Mafia, it's like that.

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Rian said...

je se je ne swee pah un loo-gar?
is that how you pronounce it? (I already know how to say 'je', 'ne', 'se', and 'un', and I'm pretty sure suis and pas I can say correctly. just not sure on sais or loup-garou :)

Kris said...

pretty close... je say je ne swee pah un loo-garoo.

Rian said...

hahaha it's so much fun to say!! :)