Friday, April 23

"Select the format of the show. Hope you well!" - Paper Planes

Kooperatyon-(coop-er-ay-tee-on) v.Eating chicken, while getting stabbed in the eye with a fork and knife on the weekend, and then having the chicken walk back into your house. (in a sentence) Dude, you're bleeding- you just got kooperatyoned.
Mary J. Block- A game starring John (from Georgia) committing psychological violence, using DJ Hero and Velociraptors.
If a waiter asks you what you would like, respond: A large mushroom pizza, and serve very poor pianist today. (Which makes me think of the song by Chiodos- "Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork?")
Windows only Caddell when there are geckos on the window. It's very easy. Or simple. Whichever.
Tokyo, in Africa, the disease spread Slowly learning. This means that, in Tokyo, Africa (yes, there is one), the Zombie Disease spreads Slow learning. Yes, Slow. Not slow, but Slow. Also, the spread was massive.
Binatu your big mouth and I can introduce fresh fish and Shellfish, an error in the link. A climate of fear. Binatu- (been-not-too) v. To open and close your mouth rapidly in the span of 3.0248765028 seconds, creating the illusion that your lips are doing the wave. This attracts fresh fish (the freshest) and Shellfish (once again, not shellfish), as they are used to waves. This also creates errors, and climates of fear.
I blew out the candles on my birthday cake In hopes of RAM. RAM- Random Access Memory.
Sometimes, links, meat, fried, fast food, green, and dreams! My uncle's dreams :) [yes, he dreams of sometimes. don't worry about it.]
RACECAR= ] [Move. (The brackets are the position of your arms when you say this.) In a sentence: "What do you do for a living?" "I drive." "Taxis?" "No. ] [ Move."
BACON=No pigs. (since when, I don't know.) [ah, Uncle says, "Bacon is so tasty, that one day there will be no pigs.]
are there code words? List? uh, no. What's the code word? List? ... you're not sure?
Unicorns met Pegusi :) However, after the meeting). ...The world may never know. Maybe a war broke out? Maybe it caused the Slow disease in Tokyo, Africa? Who knows? Not I.
VERSE 1: At last, my love has come along. My lonely days are over, and life is like a song.
VERSE 2: When the last day of my life music... yeah.... and... wrong. stuff. words. blah.
Do your chain hang low, does it wobble to the flo? Does it shine in the light- is it platinum, is it gold? You know, the design of platinum. Of course. How silly of me to ask. ("Never ask a rich person this question. They will make you feel real small." -Uncle)
The latest killing. Clear Linked to military life? Clear= The internet company. Anyway, there's no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying until you run out of cake. And the science gets done, and you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive!
A warning to all Ninjas: Ninja avoid Kappa goats Grazing on the surface. The underground ones? Not as crippling as the surface ones. They eat shiny stars. And ninjas should eat llama for brunch after staring at goats who run away. Just saying.
What rolls down the stairs, alone or in pairs, right over your neighbor's dog? What sits on your back, and great for a snack? Well, Who, like dogs, and measures opportunities for women. Miscellaneous. and... LOG LOG LOG!
"Hey, my lipgloss is poppin. My lipgloss is cool. All the boys be stoppin, me after school." "Well, Makeup is my favorite. Poland mouth are normal students." "Yeah.. be sure to Biratu that."
Poland Mouth- Port cities in Poland. Yes, Poland is landlocked. Yes, it's also normal students. Deal with it. :)
Four(4) plus eight (8) equals twelve (12) on 04/12/2008. Only then. Math teachers are wrong any other date. But you didn't hear that from me :)
Where is the man with a pot on his head supposed to be? If you want to buy? The answer? No thanks, I'm good.
Do you know where I can find a broom? In the Back? I don't know. I asked you first.
Who wants to have a cracker? You want to fight? I didn't know those were fighting words... Sorry.
So, I guess we're going to bed now. For more hilarious stuff that YOU can make up, click HEAH!

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