Friday, May 28

I had a little bit of cereal for breakfast this morning (i was feeling a little sick), and today was wonderful. :D

So, there aren't really any songs of the day today (unless you want to listen to Zzzonked by Enter Shikari!), but there are a couple of amazing things.

Firstly, remember THIS OFFICE? Well... if we could do that, and THIS, it'd most definitely be one of THE best places to work. EVER. (i suggest reading everything in the second office... the boards & calendar are hilarious)

Secondly... well, I guess this could count as a song of the day, even though it's more than one song...
The Evolution of Video Games. It's a medley of a bunch of videogame theme songs, and it's amazing! I mean, come on! They even have ExciteBike!! I love that game. And Duck Hunt. Fun stuff, man.

So, now I'm off to cure my hiccups and eat a burger. Have a wonderful evening!

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Kris said...

ah, excitebike... i used to play that game on animal crossing, on the NES. it was awesome. along with balloon fight, of course.

Rian said...

AHH! Balloon Fight & Excitebike were beast games! I loved them so much!
Monomate made a song called "The Balloon Fight Song", which he later changed to (my personal favorite) "Big Fish, Small Pond". It's amazing :D