Monday, May 31

I wonder if:

Admiral Ackbar was named after Emperor Akbar?

Yeah. I'm doing research for my summer homework (because I was just swimming, realized I still had school [WHY?!], and figured I might wanna get my brain back in gear [as close to possible]), and I'm looking up Old Delhi and New Delhi. What about either of them, I have no idea. I'm just researching them. So I found this guy named Shah Jahan, and when I clicked his name, it was all, "The Favorite Grandson of Emperor Akbar."
Of course, me being me, immediately thought, "Admiral!" and then thought it might be mean. But I wonder if the Admiral was named after the Emperor. That would be pretty cool, i guess. :)

So now, I'm falling asleep (meatfest=exhausting, then swimming= sorry. you're out of energy. Please refill at the nearest nap time), and eating Junior Mints, while trying to eat them all. yay for multitasking! :)


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Rian said...

That's supposed to be "trying to NOT eat them all", but i was sleepy, and I just woke up, so I'm too lazy to change it. Oh wellz