Monday, May 3

Song Lyrics

If I could write a song, I would stick it through the bad translator. Then I'd make the translation a new song. It'd be awesome.
But, because I'm lame, I can't write songs (or good ones, anyway). So, I took lyrics from some of my favorite songs and stuck them in there... and it makes no sense. :)

"You have to give it all up, when you realize what you're leaving behind. I wish I was lost, but this was an alternate destination!" -- The Artificial, Sky Eats Airplane
I got: If everything is! I hope that all problems.

"We speak in different voices when fighting with the ones we love! We speak in different voices, why can't we say what we're thinking of?" -- Voices, Saosin
I got: For each family, we fight for the conversation to sound different! We think that, from.

"Watch life flash before your eyes, and hope for the best. Even in this well lit room where you lay down to rest, you cast a shadow that stabs you in the back!" -- The Artificial, Sky Eats Airplane
I got: Lightroom can add and support bhfaiteadh eyes!
(I typed in bhfaiteadh and found that it is a word that means exactly what it is.)

"I can't get started from the part where I left off yesterday. Should've spent my time a little wiser!" -- Get Out, Circa Survive
I got: I cannot speak! It takes longer for my bag.

"Sorry you're not a winner with the air so cold and a mind so bitter! What have you got to lose but false intentions and a life so pretentious?" -- Sorry, You're Not A Winner, Enter Shikari
I got: Indeed, the condition of the heart and the cold war, one, green; that a person. Important and dangerous, but not enough in my life, or not?

And my favorite:
"There is substance in this silence, the proof of what surrounds us. Photographs are a mirror image- look deep, and see yourself within them!" -- Giants in the Ocean, Sky Eats Airplane
I got: Silence is the latest New Show!

Rian (I got: Kovarirovat [what the heck?!])

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