Monday, May 24

This Really Needs A Super Cool Acronym [SotD]

Oh. Dots? It'd be out of order... "Day of the Song"? That sounds like a holiday. But SotD just looks stupid, ya know? Any suggestions will be welcome!! :D *winkwinkcoughcoughnudgenudge*

Anyway, the songs for today are:

Empty by Enter Shikari

Box by Tokyo Police Club (FYI: some of the lyrics in this vid are wrong [smile])
Things That Rhyme With Orange by I Set My Friends On Fire
Electric City by Joywave (or The Hoodies. They changed their name fairly recently, I suppose. Look 'em up [smile])

Anyway, even though it's only Monday, and I have so much longer to go, I really can't wait until this weekend. I get to see my best friend graduate (no, this is not Kristin. I'd be extremely jealous if Kristin were already graduating), meaning I get to see him & his family for the first time in like, 3 years (they don't exactly live close)!! Then, MEATFEST! It's the best day of the year (besides Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and the last day of school)!! Basically, Meatfest is a party my family throws in which there are many meaty foods. No worries- my aunt's a vegetarian, so there's gonna be some vegetables, too. But yeah. We're gonna make the bacon explosion again... mmm. I loved making that- so much meat!! And after that- MONDAY! But you know what's so great about it? THERE'S NO SCHOOL!! Oh, it'll be nice. Especially since this week is randomly full of tests, and next week is exams. Speaking of exams (a very frustrating topic nowadays), I'm very frustrated.* So, throughout the year, we take this test called TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), and if we get commended on that (meaning... you get a certain percentage correct? I'm not exactly sure. I'll ask Kristin in a bit), we get to exempt some exams. BUUUT: I heard that we won't get our TAKS scores until next week. Exemption forms are due June 2, and exams are the 3rd and 4th. So it sucks. We won't know what exams to exempt, we won't know which exams we're taking, and we won't know which exams to study for. So, I guess I'll just go ahead & be ready for everything... wah.
Oks, time to get to work!

4 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Kris said...

I like Dots. umm... 90% is commended, and TAKS scores are supposed to come in either tomorrow or the next day. So, yay!

Rian said...

Well, last year it was 85%...
seriously?! that'd be great. mmm, yeaaaah. xD

Kris said...

hm... it might change. idk.

Rian said...

It just depends on how many questions there are, really.