Tuesday, May 4

Yay! I'm a genius!

Just kidding.

I fixed our problem, though not without some work on my part. It was fun, though. Basically, the box we have at the top, which used to have music and a story, was having some problems. So, I had to find a way to get the music we wanted without having to use the embed codes from another site. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. I just had to store the file on a data hosting site, then use the link it gave me there to set up the music player. Unfortunately, we're going to have to type the name and stuff by ourselves, because it doesn't do that on it's own now.
Anyway, I'm done being a nerd. Um...I think that's it. I just chose a random song for now, but it might change soon, so... I don't actually know where that sentence was going.
Oh yeah! (not about the sentence I never finished...) I started reading this series (vampire, of course) called the Morganville Vampires. It's really good...
Guess that's enough rambling.

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Rian said...

Yay, kristin! You get high-fives from me (unlimited).