Thursday, June 3


I know.
I've been slacking.
Oh well. Here are your songs:

Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine by Dance Gavin Dance (I have to point it out- in this music video, Will is not really screaming. The song is that of the original members, but the video uses the new band members. So that is really Jon screaming, with Will pretending to scream) lolzorz
Kill the Director by The Wombats
Lost in the Post by The Wombats (my favorite part of the whole video is the a capella part!)
Zzzonked by Enter Shikari (there's a little cussing. but the music is amazing)

See, I realize that I do this. I say "Song of the Day", and there are like... I think the average is around 4 songs. Don't ask why. But I mean, i guess it makes sense because I said earlier (I think), really, the DOTS is just supposed to be songs that are stuck in my head. So... technically, there can be multiple. :)

On the downside... I still have 20 minutes of school left. No, i'm not in school right now, I just mean that tomorrow I have to go to school for 20 minutes. Today I had to go for an hour and eight minutes. Exams are stupid. And time consuming. A waste of time, if you will. blarg.

I guess I'm not making myself perfectly clear! (seriously- it's stuck in my head!)
Rian (does not take Zoloft, so she does not know if Zoloft and herself will get along just fine)

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Rian said...

Also- in M&ZGAJF, Kurt's hair is stupid looking. seriously. I guess it's about the same style now, but somehow it looks better? But still. it's stupid. I laugh at it :)

Kris said...

STiSIMH- you could always call it that if you wanted a change. it's no where near as easy to say as dots, though... kinda like ...stizim. hm... (song that is stuck in my head)

Rian said...

Nah, it'd be something like, STASIMH. i just need a word that i can make into an acronym.

songs that are repeated... superbly?

songs that omniously(?) repeat... everyday?

Rian's obviously original favorite songs?