Tuesday, June 8

For serious?!

Ok, so i'm supposed to be working on my homework, but somehow I got distracted into cleaning my desk? But I found this really old note from middle school that I wrote to Kristin, but I don't think I ever gave it to her. And, even though now I'm procrastinating from eating lunch (O.O), I'll type the note up. It's great.

Hey... I had a BRILLIANT idea in orchestra today. What if we put our stories on there? There being of course. I think it would be cool, especially if we put only our best ones... No! nevermind. What if we put stories on the site & had people tell us whether they think they are good or not, and take off the ones that aren't so good? i think it would be pretty cool... but we would have to advertise it somehow so we can get SOME people to go to the website... we could also do comics, like the one you sent me a LONG time ago! That would be AWESOMERIFIC! :) If you come up with any ideas, let me know!

I just like it because it mentions our beginning ideas for the blog (everything changed. obviously), and because hey- it's a note from middle school. A lot of them were pretty funny- in one Kristin mentioned some "Mr. Sunnyguysirman". hahaha
Ok. Lunch, then motivational poster with Kristin. Then driving school... Then homework?
Also- TPC's cd came out a while ago, and if you go to their myspace, you can listen to their new songs! They're amazing!!!

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Kris said...

wow, that's great! who knew we could write such random stuff? man, i wish i could find that english thing we were doing when we first came up with the idea... hm.. i'll look on my flash drive later.

Rian said...

yeah. Look for Seg (Mr. Sunnyguysirman), too. xD