Thursday, July 1

Because my friend Kim brought them up last night...

...And Then You Die! by Karate High School
Sweep the Leg by Karate High School (oh! ISMFOF! Yay Matt & Nabil!)
Ok, here's the whole Sweep the Leg, because Paul didn't finish that one. ugh. (don't ask about the pictures... I don't even know.)
The Secret Handshake by Karate High School
Sometimes When You Lose, You Win by KHS

Actually, I'm really quite upset with them right now, because at least Paul (the singer/dude who is full of himself and says he does everything [but we still love him]) is being stupid. They haven't made any new music for what, 2 years now? maybe. They haven't been on tour in a super long time (more than 3 years, I'm certain), and now when people ask about them, their response is something along the lines of: "Oh, Paul's missing and we can't find him, so we're just kinda sitting and waiting for him to come back" or "Yeah, Paul died six months ago..." and it's kind of getting on my nerves. But, I still enjoy their music, so I can't be too mad, I guess.
Now I want pizza.
psst: just a random song that ALWAYS gets stuck in my head: Lisztomania by Phoenix

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