Thursday, July 22

I need a skateboard/roller skates/ a good bike.

So it's day one in Miami. It's been pretty fun so far- we got to the hotel too early & they didn't have our room ready yet, so we walked. And walked. And walked and walked and walked.
Of course, I was wearing flip flops the whole 40 blocks total we walked because I thought we were gonna go to the beach. Therefore, my feet hurt a lot. :(
But we did get to the beach and the pool. We attempted a sand castle (it didn't really work out), and jumped around in the waves. We then went to the pool, which was pretty fun, I guess :)
Just a bit earlier than the time this post was posted, we started walking around again. We went to the awesome restaurant that was recommended to us by a super amazingly nice lady at Subway (that was at the halfway point of our earlier walk... we turned back when we finished eating), Cafe Prima Pasta. I swear, they make the bestest stuff ever! I took a picture of my spaghetti (regrettably, only AFTER I ate one of the super huge meatballs, so I just cut the other one in half & tried to make it look like I hadn't eaten any yet), but I'd have to say, the cookies at the end were the best. They were cookies, but they tasted like cookies 'n' cream ice cream. Oh, it was delicious!! Then, we stopped by a Publix (it's a grocery store) and bought some neon band-aids (because I need them badly... my balance has been terribly off since Wednesday morning, and I can't seem to stop hurting myself), and then ran back to the hotel before it started raining :) Now, we're playing Farkel, and I'll try to post again throughout our stay here :D
OH YEAH! And as we were leaving the Cafe, we walked by this aerobics place with some cliche workout music, so my brother and I were like, "1 and 2 and 3 and 4!" so we walked around like that, and out of no where, this guy in a car says, "5, 6, 7, 8!" and we laughed :)

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Kris said...

ooh, sounds like fun. especially the food part...