Wednesday, July 7

Youtube Movie

Ok, ok. It sounds ridiculous, I know. When I first heard of it around an hour ago, my first thought was, "So they're just going to take every video on Youtube and make it into a super-long movie?! No way! That'd be so weird and random and not many people would be able to watch it."
But, after reading about it here, it makes a little more sense, and it's really not that bad of an idea. I was laughing, though, because I'm fairly certain that some videos submitted will be totally edited: "Yeah, I'm a superhero who fights crime every day!" or "I'm a ninja infiltrating my enemies lair! Time to kick butt!" or "I'm a mermaidunicornmonkeypirateninjarobotpegasuszombieghost (or MUMPNRPZG) in human form! Watch me destroy dragons, save princesses, and fall in love with a regular mortal!"
But now that I think about it, we're gonna have some people going, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna make my life a reality TV show! Lemme get all my sworn enemies and the gangs I know together, and let's argue all day!" or even, "Woo. Let's go to the supermarket." hah. I can totally imagine making a documentary. Or even something like the Crocodile Hunter, "Ah, the li'l doggy's runnin' away from me! Look at the gracefulness of that stride! Yup, she's a li'l beauteh!" hahaha
OK. So now, if you want to do this, DON'T TAKE MY IDEAS! Might I suggest, though, that you just do what you normally do? I think that'll be the best. :)
Rian (did not say you could not take her suggestions... but if you do take one of my ideas, I wanna be in it with you!!! [smile])

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