Tuesday, August 3

I get that a lot.

Read this. The post isn't really the funny part, though I totally know how she feels. The funny part is the comments from people saying things like, "Yeah, when I was 25, I went to a restaurant and the waitress gave me a kids menu. When I asked for the adult menu, she told me they gave kids 12 and under the kids menu. She didn't even believe me when I showed her my license. :("

Yeah...It's pretty funny, but I really do know how they feel. The other day, one of my mom's friends was over, and she asked me what grade I was going to. When I said 11th, she started freaking out and told me she thought I was ten. Then she asked if I got pulled over a lot when I drove.
I know I'm always mistaken for a freshman, but jeez... Anyone else know how I feel?

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Rian said...

I DO! My uncle thought I was a fifth grader this past year! :D