Sunday, August 22

It's creepy.

Isn't it?
I figured I should post before school starts (only two more days!), since I haven't in like... a week or so.
Anyway, I just read the most amazing series ever. Like, it's totally my favorite now, and I just want to go to Barnes and Noble, buy all the books, and carry them around with me for a week.
The series written by Kenneth Oppel, and the first book is called Airborn. The second is Skybreaker, and the third is Starclimber. They were all absolutely amazingly awesome, completely hilarious, and totally unputdownable. I stayed up until three in the morning reading Skybreaker last night, and I just now finished Starclimber. I probably read each of them in about four hours, and they're pretty long.
So, I totally recommend those books. They're kinda science fictiony, but not too heavy on the scientific descriptions, so they're really easy to understand. Plus, the second book contains what has to be the cheesiest line ever:
"If my heart was a compass, you'd be north."
Now for another topic.... school. It starts tomorrow and I still can't believe it, though I'm kind of glad because I've been getting pretty bored. You know, except for when I was reading. :D
Here's a nice list of things I hope you do:
1. Read the books. PLEASE.
2. Have an awesome first day of school. If you're not starting school, have an awesome Monday.
3. Come to our party tonight! (the one for 20,000 views) Bring your sense of humor and a friend. And some snacks, I guess.

hmm, I like this font.

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