Friday, August 27


So, this year, I have a government class (I totally just realized that we never posted our schedules or anything usual! no first day posts, or anything D: I'm sorry!!), and it's awesome! Gotta be my favorite so far this year (yes. I know that it's only been a week. But it's felt like months, so...).
ANYWAY. So today in government, we watched this documentary on Chinese democracy (insert gapes here). Basically, if you didn't know, China is communist. Recently, though, they've been integrating with Western society, so they all have TVs, computers, cell phones, etc. It's really very cool. So in this documentary, basically, this class of third graders (they're eight) was told that instead of having their class monitor appointed by the teacher, they would hold elections, and the class could vote. So a girl (Xaiofei), and two guys (Luo Lei and Cheng Cheng). It might sound boring, but it's so hilarious! Cheng Cheng is a master politician, and he likes being naked all the time. No joke. Half the documentary, he's in his underwear. It's hilarious xD But really, you should watch this! It's so... different! They're starting the democratic ideas in the young children, so that when they get older, there will be democracy in the future (my teacher guarantees in our life time). So... yup. Here it is!! :D (oh, I have to warn you- these kids are soooo mean! And they insult each other all the time. It's kind of sad... but the insults are either the same all the time, or they sing them.)

By the way- this happened four years ago. :) Tis awesome.

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