Tuesday, August 17

Public Service Announcement

Hello, this is Rian here, talking to you about naming children. Not everyone in this world is a nice person. There are people out there who we call "bullies", and they generally just make fun of people and maybe they'll beat someone up, too. Therefore, you can't go around naming people things like "Infant". Yes, when they are born, they are an infant. But people grow older. When they're a toddler, they're no longer an infant. Also, the "bullies" might give them the "ah, does the baby want it's mama?!" taunt all the time. Do you want your child to be made fun of? Do you want your child to have low self esteem? If not, think ahead when you name your child. Also, just because your child's name contains the first five letters of the English alphabet, that does not mean that they will like their name. Especially if it's "Abcde" (pronounced like "obesity"). No one wants that name. It sounds like "obesity" for crying out loud, something that people are trying to stop. Your kid will probably be teased, as well. And please, learn to spell before you have a kid. "X-Ver" does not spell "Xavier". It spells "exdashver", which sounds as stupid as it's spelled. No one wants that name, either. This was a P.S.A brought to you by the mind of Rian, a person who doesn't want any kid to have their feelings hurt because of their name. While a name is something to be proud of... Parents, just think ahead when you name your child. Learn how to correctly spell the name of your choice, unless you want it to be different... but even still, keep it reasonably close, please.

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!" -- G.I. Joe P.S.A.s.

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Kris said...

And in case you were wondering, Unique is not a unique name. So don't use it.

Rian said...

hahaha agreed!!
Gah. Now someone's gonna read that, say, "Dang! Oh well, I'll just name my kid Special!" -_- NO. If you do that, you fail.