Sunday, August 15

*T-Pain voice* I was on a boat, shortaay!

So, my trip to Houston was very exciting :)
I got to hang out with my best friends that moved down there on Thursday and Friday, and it was great fun. The eldest brother makes songs on Garage Band, so we listened to a couple of those. In one of them (my favorite by far), he screams "CHICKEEEEEEEEN!!!" It's great. The middle brother and I watched the movie Taken, and the best part of that movie is: "No, no, penguins live in Antarctica!" Ooh, the first night there, we watched Terminator Salvation, and about halfway through the movie, the younger brother pulls his blanket up to his neck and starts muttering whole sentences in his sleep. No one could understand him, but it was funny :) Then, when the movie ended, my brother turned over in his sleep and said, "Okay, I'll go to sleep now." That was funny, too. And, if they happen to be reading this, to the youngest brother: "Pull your covers up to your neck, son." :D
Saturday afternoon and this morning (Sunday) were spent with some equally amazing friends who live on the lake. Peter and I played "Hide and Hide" with my brother and a younger cousin, but I will not explain the rules. But it was fun. A lot of my family was there, too, and we played three straight games of Mafia until 1:30ish AM Sunday morning. It was so fun, but I kept dying (the one time I got run out of town, Peter shot me in the head & threw me in the dumpster... so I still died). Later this morning, a few of us went out on the lake, and my dad, my uncle, my cousin, Peter, his younger brother, and his dad all wake boarded. I just took pictures. But it was still fun, and I enjoyed watching all of them. My family was funny (let's just say that they all had... problems. Dad, don't deny it. haha).
All in all, I had a really great time, and I wish school that one stupid place that stops all fun didn't have to start so soon, so that I could go back sooner!

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