Sunday, September 5

I'm Tired of Seeing His Face.

That's pretty much the only reason i'm posting right now (sorry). Every time I get on this blog, I see that weirdo's face with all the flowers and nonsense behind him, and it's kinda weird (whoa). Anyway, here's some awesome stuff!

Open Mic Night!
The Carriage!

The second one is talking about this poem by Emily Dickinson. I suggest reading the poem first, because it might be funnier? I dunno. Worth a shot, I suppose. :)
In other news, I just finished writing an essay through total chaos (my brother watching various movies really loudly right next to me, my dad bugging me about picking pears off of our pear tree, my dog being a jerk, eating pizza, major headache), and i'm really proud of myself. Now I have to annotate something called Burnt Norton by... Some Eliot guy. I'm not really sure right now... so, now i'm off to work once more. Happy Labor Day in advance! :D

psst: If you want to make the poem more interesting, because of the ballad meter, you can sing it to the tune of this song! xD

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