Wednesday, October 13

I Should Get An Award For Still Living.

So... I think I had the best/worst day ever today! It was exciting/scary. If you don't care about how my day went... read for the laughs? :)

I got to school at 6:53 this morning.

Now, that might seem like an insane time to be at school (it is), but my bus schedule is stupid awesome and it gets me to school early, so that I have plenty of time to study for an upcoming quiz, or walk around the school pointlessly (that's mostly what I do, because at 6:40, there are like, 9 people in the entire school). Usually, yes, I get to school at 6:40, but today I had a substitute bus driver (I might have mentioned him before... he was my replacement bus driver for a while last year, and I like to call him "Creepy Old Bus Driver Guy" because that's kind of what he is... you get on the bus and look up expecting to see the nice [but insane- don't get me started on her driving] lady bus driver, only to be met with this creepy old guy all up in your face saying, "HEY! GOOD MORNING!" and, because it's only 6:10 AM, you just turn away and walk to your seat because you don't feel like talking) and he was being really slow, so I got to school later than usual. I walked around aimlessly because today 1/2 of the school (roughly) was going to take the PSAT. Before the PSAT, there was nothing interesting. Eventually the teachers called us (there were 140 students in my room) into the gym. I sat down next to my "twin", and we discussed ways in which we could easily get around the Styrofoam "barricade" between us, and then stuff happened and the test started. It was fairly easy, I think. Anyway, half way through the second math portion, I accidentally punched the table and cut myself... and started bleeding! It was insane. And then the test was over and I went to lunch. While at lunch, I was sitting with my friends, and for some reason, we were all sitting in a line:

Friend #1--Friend #2--Me--Friend #3

I was talking to F#3 when I looked up and saw a random stranger (known to me as Buzz Lightyear Boy [because of his BL backpack]) staring at my donuts, which were on the table in front of me.
BLB: "Are those your donuts?"
Me: "... uh... yeah?"
BLB: "Are you gonna eat them?"
Me: "... yes?"
BLB: "Ah, cool. *pauses* ... Can I have one?"
Me: "uh... no? Sorry."
BLB: "it's cool!"
And then he puts out his hand to do a handshake thing with me. It went: clap (or side-five, whatever you want to call it) clap knuckletouch (or fistbump. once again, it's up to you)
I willingly went along with him, albeit suspiciously (when he stuck his hand out, I moved my donuts closer to me). Then he goes, "Ah, let's do that again." and sticks out his hand once more. Consumed with my paranoia, I quickly took the donuts & threw them in my lap, then went through the handshake again. BLB looked sadly at me and said, "...You're smart." and walked off.
right after that, I felt so smart. And then I felt bad because I almost got robbed. Then, F#1 reached over and took them. So, naturally, I grabbed the donuts, but then F#1 started twisting the wrist that I sprained a while back, so I threatened him & he let go. At that point, I was scared that someone was gonna come beat me up, so I put the donuts away and left. Later on, in government class, I took out the donuts because I was going to share them with one of my best friends (not kristin...). You know what he did? If you guessed that he grabbed the donuts & took off, you'd be correct. I just kind of sat there with this face: D: and he took some donuts and gave them back. And then, you know what else he did? I had some "drug cookies" (the chewy Chips Ahoy ones that are so addicting that if you eat 5 in one day, you become addicted, I swear. It's horrible but insanely yummy at the same time), and HE STOLE THOSE, TOO! but then he gave them back (he didn't take any). But the damage had been done- I had been robbed 4 times today (twice of which were attempted). Then we watched West Wing and I was fine for a while, but I had to go run, so I got all unhappy. We were walking to the park near the school to go run a course some of the coaches had made up (they said it was two miles, but it wasn't. During practice, my times are usually 18-20 minutes, because I run slow. Today, it was 16:20, so... we knew something was up), and some crazy guy in a truck comes driving up really fast behind us and TRIED TO ROB ME OF MY LIFE. Yes, that's kind of an exaggeration, considering I turned around, saw the crazy guy, and then ran off so that I wouldn't get hit, but it was close enough!
Retelling this story to my mom and Kristin at a QuickTrip, the cashier guy added some commentary to my story, and it was funny.
Also, Kristin showed me this hilarious comic she drew out of pure boredom, and I'm trying to recreate it on the computer so that I can post it up here... But I might just redraw it so that I can have a copy and then have her scan it & post it. It's awesome.
So yes. That was my amazing/horrific day. I've decided that I can't bring any good foods to school anymore because someone's going to rob me (and not give it back). [sorry if you read this and I supply you with good foods... it's just too dangerous for me now.]
Yeah... okay. I'm going to the library now...
Rian (along with the "Still Alive" award, I should also get one for longest parenthetical commentary and randomness... Also- some guy on the radio said that Kristin and I are "Awesome... Awesome with an exclamation point." [only... he didn't say it very enthusiastically, but whatever.])
psst: this is really long. And this post script is not making it any shorter... :)

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