Thursday, October 7

A Special Post For Hannah

wow. sorry, that title kind of sucked... it makes me think of this book called, "A Special Place For Charlie" and I think it's about a dog getting adopted or something... I don't know. And I'm too lazy to look.
Anyway, our great buddy Hannah is going through a rough spot in life (dude, something about this week is like, a tragedy magnet. This sucks.), so I decided to make a special post for her! :D So here's to you, Hannah!

So, you said you liked the comics, and I'm really not sure which ones, so I'll just put up a whole bunch! Maybe you'll find ones that you like :)


Holy toothpaste in the suitcase. There are a lot of XKCD comics. Anyway, moving right along to:

Natalie Dee! (I'm just going to put the links for months, because they're all pretty funny!)
Mkay. I think that's enough comics to keep you busy for like... an hour. If you scroll slow and read slow, too. It's funny to think of how much time goes into making a good post, but it only takes like, 2 minutes to read it. Fortunately, I like blogging more than I like oranges. It takes forever and 17 days to peel a friggin orange, and only like, 2 seconds to eat it. Seriously. It's not worth it. But staring at the computer for days on end to make someone a bit happier hopefully for 3 minutes... that's worth it :) Anyway, moving right along. Here are some JULIAN SMITH videos (w00t!)
And a few more random videos:
Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I was going to put something else up here, so until I remember, read some AmazingSuperPowers! They're all pretty funny, so I'll let you read them as you please :D Same with Hyperbole and a Half (in my opinion, the funniest ones are in the sidebar, so be sure to check those out!)
Hmm. I guess that's all I've got for now... but I'll be sure to update it if I remember something else! :D Enjoy your Sunday, Hannah, and I hope this helps a bit!

This post was made in memory of Hannah's friend, Cayla.

2 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Kris said...

OMG. that's a lot of stuff.

Rian said...

But you know what? If you were to actually go and read every comic and watch every video... it would probably take no longer than two and a half hours. THIS POST TOOK ME THREE DAYS.
but yes. It is a lot of stuff :)