Tuesday, December 28

"Dude. What's mine say?" "Sweet! What's mine say?!"

Ah, I love that movie. If you've never seen Dude, Where's My Car... you need to. It's hilarious :)

Anyway, I'm sorry.
It's not really my fault that I haven't been posting- it's Winter Break after all. I'm hanging out with my family... and my new Kinect... er, my family. *cough*
Also, yes. I am kind of sick (truthfully). It's really annoying. Being sick, I mean. I tend to avoid viruses and diseases, but sometimes, I can't. :(

But anyway. My uncle got me this drawing program, and so maybe I'll try it out & draw some pictures for here :) I think that'd be fun! And then, if anyone even bothers to read this constantly anymore (if you do, I'm SO SORRY. I'll try to post more often. And I'll force Kristin to, as well- she really isn't as busy as you might think haha), then you can tell me what you think of my horrible doodles, or maybe give me suggestions of things to draw? I'm so indecisive sometimes, so it helps when you people tell me what you want :) so... I'll probably start that on Thursday, maybe! I'll make a note to do that.

so... yeah. Sorry. I hope you all have had wonderful holidays and enjoyed the Lunar Eclipse (did any of you see it?! I tried to take pictures, but my phone is very... particular about pictures of the moon- as long as there's not a lunar eclipse, I can take AWESOME pictures of the moon) and the Winter Solstice! I got a new camera, so maybe, along with my bad drawings, I'll post some pictures or something so you can compare computer drawings to drawings on paper :D that'll be fun. maybe.

Anyway... toodleloo!
I'll post for sure on Thursday :D
Don't die, don't freeze in the cold outside (don't lie- it's cold where you are, too!), and I'll talk to you (in a way) soon!

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