Friday, December 31

Letter From the Dead

Just kidding. I am not dead, though you may think so, since I've been AWOL for a few months...

I'm been busier and lazier than usual, so that's pretty much why I haven't posted.
Here's an update on my life since the last time I posted (if you actually care) :
  1. I got my wisdom teeth out
  2. I got a car
My memory also seems to have gotten worse, since that's all I can remember.... Anyway, another list. This time reasons why I haven't posted:
  1. Business Tycoon Online (wayyyy too addicting)
  2. Delacorte Press Writing Contest (just mailed my story on Thursday... I'm scared)
  3. Life
  4. Homework
So, this was kind of my welcome back, please don't kill me for being such an awful person post. I'll post later tonight about actual stuff. Until then, I leave you with this nice website for when you are bored: a live webcam of grass (so you can watch it grow! :D)
And.... since Rianna has been waiting on this so long:

P.S.: I will post some other comics later tonight

4 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Rian said...

Yay, Kristin!

and I must say... that grass growing song is pretty exciting. It just makes you WANT to watch the grass grow!
but there's a bunch of snow everywhere, so it's not too great xD

Kris said...

yeah... i wish it was summer so we could actually see the grass.

Rian said...

you should totally look at what I just posted xD
but yeah, me, too.

Lipid said...