Saturday, January 8

Quick question for any who care:

I was watching this commercial, and they listed "unusual dreams" as one of the symptoms. My question is: How do you classify a dream as "unusual"?

Because I'm fairly certain that I must have some kind of illness/deficiency/disease or something, because all of my dreams are what people would call "unusual". And aren't dreams supposed to be unusual? I've always imagined them to be merely excess imagination power that gets released while you sleep, too keep you from getting bored while your body & brain recharge from everything you've done during the day.

This calls for some research!
I'll be back with answers later (hopefully).

psst: if you have any answers, please do comment. It'll make me happy. :)

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The Delirious Blogger said...

Hey there! I've been reading this blog for a while, and this is my first time commenting.

Well, I agree that dreams are supposed to be unusual in a crazy kinda way. I always figured that if a dream was called unusual it really means that it was 'beyond the norm'. Like, if you usually dream of monsters, then a dream about your utopia would be an unusual one. I hope that made sense.

Rian said...

Yay! Thanks for commenting! :D

And yes, that makes a lot of sense. And I suppose that's what people are talking about when they diagnose things as "unusual". But when you take someone like me, who has dreams ranging from "Plastic Dinosaurs come to life + me (shrunken)= adventure around my bedroom" to "I'm a spy trying to save my brother but outside is my elementary school playground where mutant dogs always eat our feet", it's kind of hard to diagnose that. And then you have to think, "well, what's a normal dream?" because that would be unusual for me.

I guess it really just depends on who your audience is, and who you're talking to.

I really appreciate your comment- it helped a bunch. I think I'm getting a better understanding of this... but more research must be done. As soon as I finish my surprise homework /:

Feel free to comment on whatever- we won't rip your head off, i promise. And if you want to talk to either Kristin or me, the cbox is always open.
It gets lonely sometimes :D

HOLY CROW THIS IS A SUPER LONG COMMENT. O.O i didn't mean to ramble. :)

Kris said...

...I agree with both of you. I think it means unusual for you. Like if I suddenly started having dreams like Rianna, I would be worried... because those aren't the type of dreams I normally have.
Speaking of, I had a really weird dream last night that concerned topics addressed in the conversation in the "Stuff That Happened Today" post. It was weird. But totally normal for me.

Rian said...

I think that if ANYONE had dreams like me, they'd be worried. if they're not, then... I just found someone else who is just like me. whoa.