Thursday, January 6

Stuff That Happened Today

Lame title, I know. Ignore it. I'm tired, hungry, and uncreative right now :)

So, apparently, the Fn key on phones does stand for "function", which still doesn't make any more sense to me than it did this morning. "Function 's'= %" because that makes sense or something.

Also, today, Kristin & I had a hilarious conversation with... an anonymous person who doesn't read this blog, anyway, but I'd like to keep this person anonymous. Because it's fun to type/say "anonymous".

A: LOL. I was driving down my street, and this lady with hot hair was walking her dog, and my widows* were rolled down and k** was blaring Remnants of a paradise lost*** as I drove by xD
Me: Hot hair? Haha that's really funny :)****
A: it was like pink and black xD
Kris: That is pretty hot.
A: LOL. xD I wouldn't expect you to understand
Me: Oh, no. I COMPLETELY understand.***** that's why I said that.
A: Your sarcasm is noted..jeez
K: Sarcasm? I was being serious.
A: ....okaaaay. I couldn't****** sworn you said you weren't a lesbian...
Me: I'm not. I was being sarcastic about not being sarcastic. Jeez. Get with the program.
A: uhhhh..
K: That was sarcasm too... Except the lesbian part. Sorry if you got confused.
A: whaaa?
Me: How are you still confused? I just cleared everything up for you :)
A: you like girls?*******
Me: NO.

okay, time for all of the notes (because no, the asterisks were not actually in the conversation)
*- i'm pretty sure anonymous meant wiNdows, not widows.
**- k= I. Anonymous has problems with spelling. and typing. :)
***- Remnants of a Paradise Lost is an album by Monomate (known at the time as Impatient Outpatient)
****- I did not understand how the song pertained to the situation, nor did I understand how the situation was funny. The hot hair comment made me giggle, though, because it sounds hilarious.
*****- once again, sarcasm. thus anonymous' comment.
******- and again, anonymous has problems with typing. I'm pretty sure this person meant could've, not couldn't. Because "couldn't" doesn't make any sense in that comment.
*******- this is just anonymous being stupid. We had already cleared this up. At least 3 times before this conversation... I dunno why anonymous is so obsessed with this topic. -__-

yeah. If it wasn't funny to you... sorry, I guess. It was pretty funny when it happened :)
And now I'm hungry. And I have homework. So I should start working. Mnleh.
Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday/ Friday!

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Kris said...

Clicking nonexistent "like" button.
This is wayyy too hilarious.

Rian said...

and it always will be!