Sunday, January 16

The Sundial Project

Sun 1/16/11

1:37:58 PM CST

Prototype 1:
Click here to see the template we used. It's not the greatest, but it actually does work. Right now we're attempting to actually figure out how to make a real one. More updates in a minute!

1:47:53 PM CST

Found out that the correct pronunciation of gnomon is NO-MEN.

1:58:22 PM CST

Found out the REAL meaning of sundials. Note the sarcasm.

  • Sundials are fascinating scientific instruments

  • Sundials are a link with histroy

  • Sundials are a surprisingly intimate way to personalize

  • Sundials are a connection to the universe

  • Sundials are a means to live life slower (I'm not quite sure about that)

2:06:23 PM CST
Found North American Sundial Society. We should join. Or, you know, finish the sundial. :)

2:15:15 PM CST
Remembered that it was overcast- no sun. :(
Still making sundial. :)

2:25:02 PM CST

Found awesome picture of sundial with a nighttime side. Very cool.

2:38:18 PM CST
Starting to make sundial. It's been an hour since we've been logging our well spent time (more sarcasm). Pictures to be added later.

3:10: 27 PM CST
Making sundials in bathroom. Were going to use clay, but didn't work out. Now using carboard from leftover science fair board. Yay!

3:27:56 PM CST
Making the gnomons now. Having a hard time cuttign out shapes from the carboard, but it's not too bac. Now time for color and decoration! :)

4:00:12 PM CST
Lost track of time while coloring. Time to glue on gnomons.

4:13:45 PM CST
super glue didn't work trying to find another way to glue on gnomons. i feel like we're failing kindergarten.

4:17: 18 PM CST
SUCCESS!! We are done with our sundials and pictures will be added soon. They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Plus, I can actually speak in full sentences now. :)

2 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Rian said...

wow. at 3:27, you look like you just forgot how to type xD

"cuttign", "carboard", & "bac" hahaha

Kris said...

wow, i totally didn't notice that... oops