Friday, February 25

I'm sleepy.

That's mainly because I spent all day pretty much running around crazy. It was semi-fun.

This morning, I was in physics tutorials, and I didn't realize it was time to go until it was 7:28. The bell rings at 7:30. So I had to run all the way across the school, which is huge, in two minutes to get to English. With my giant backpack. It wasn't a very fun experience.
The rest of the day was relatively normal, aside from an annoying math test.
After school, though, I met with my TOK group (see the post three before this one) to film a movie for our project. And trust me, it is the most complicated movie ever. Basically, it's about how past events can affect how people act, and it's from the POV of this kid as he grows up. It's actually really cool.
What's not cool is the fact that it took about six hours to film. We started right after school, at 2:30, stayed there until about 4:30, went to one girl's house to use her sister for about an hour, then came back to my house to film the end. It was exhausting. But also hilarious and very fun.
So, just now I got two very nice reviews/messages from a girl on fanfiction! They made me happy! That's actually the only reason I'm posting... but a post is a post, right?

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Rian said...


you should totally put up the rest of our chapters xD hahaha

and you know what? you should totally copy the movie onto a flash drive so that I can watch it! :D