Friday, March 4

What does red velvet cake taste like?

So on the bus today, a couple of friends and I were talking about cake in general, when one of them mentioned how much he loved red velvet cake. Another friend chimed in with how much she liked it, and the other friend simply said, "It's just normal vanilla cake with lots of food coloring." (okay, in order, I will give the friends nicknames. The first guy is Talls, the girl is May, and the final guy is Fishy.) May insisted that Fishy was incorrect- red velvet cake is chocolate cake with red food coloring. Talls & I were just laughing, because we didn't really care. He didn't care because he just likes it and doesn't care what kind of cake it is, and I didn't care because I don't really like red velvet cake (it's like cheese for me- I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't like either [but I know I'm not- there's probably a few other people out there who don't like them, either]). So then Fishy and May started yelling about what red velvet cake tasted like, and I just said, "It tastes like red velvet cake," which got a general nod from everyone. So Fishy, Talls, and I moved on with the conversation, talking about legit Star Wars cakes, but May wasn't done yet. In the middle of our conversation, she burst out yelling that red velvet cake was chocolate cake, and then that it was a mix of vanilla and chocolate cake ("BUT THERE'S STILL CHOCOLATE IN IT!"). So basically, she had just googled "What does red velvet cake taste like?" and found that. She started reading things she found- and then she said, "chicken." According to someone on the internet, red velvet cake tastes like chicken. And to someone else, it tastes like coffee. And to another person... it tastes like something I can't say on this site, but it was funny :)
So that's what we talked about on the bus.

Lamest way to end a story, ever. (i'm sorry)

I think I need to stop telling stories, because they're never as funny as they were when it happened. But I feel that saying "you had to be there" is kind of rude. I mean, I guess it's better to try to explain it, even if the other person doesn't see the humor in it, than bringing it up and not telling them at all? Yeah...

But this is not what I was going to post about. I was actually going to post a different story... But I feel like it should wait until the actual day... yeah, okay. I'll make a future post :D remember those??? If not, um... well, there are some around this past summer, I think. If you want to look :)
Um, yeah. Now this post kind of feels... inadequate? Pointless?
well, here. Check out some Mandelbrot Sets- my friend showed them to me today and the fractals are really super cool! :D
Have a nice weekend!

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