Thursday, June 16

Crazy Stuff

There wasn't an embed code as far as I could tell (which wasn't very far, lemme tell you), so you'll just have to click this link.
I dunno... I thought it was perfect, somehow. Hilarious, too... but fitting?
Actually, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I was at Mavericks Central today (Dallas, Tx- along with every other Mavs fan in the country) for the parade... it was hot, and crowded, and I didn't get to see because the guys in front of me (I was standing at the edge of a fountain, but it was weird... I'll draw a picture) would always stick their arms up and shout "CHANDLERRRR!!" whenever any of the players drove by... but only once was it actually Tyson Chandler.

Alright: PICTURES!

So first there was this girl, who I totally agree with, except when you look around and see this:

It's kind of sad.

These were the crazy Chandler fans standing in front of me, constantly blocking my view of the parade, and here is a bad diagram of the area :)

The single x is where I was standing, the 4 x's are where those crazy guys were standing. All the gaps where I was standing on the fountain represent where waterfalls were. Also, pretend each of the giant purple stick figures represent about the same amount of people in the crowd picture... But there were still a lot more. And the rectangles are buildings. There were people in there, and I was slightly jealous because Texas is hot :( There was probably air conditioning.
Also, the tiny stick figures in the fountain represent all the nasty little children who were swimming around and splashing everyone. (Fountain water is disgusting- don't let your children swim in it, or drink it. Ew.)

But fortunately, I caught glimpses of the players and other various people, so I wasn't disappointed. Today was... hectic, to say the least, but enjoyable at the same time. And one more thing: IN YO FACE, HEAT FANS! hahaha sorry, I couldn't resist :) I really don't care too much for basketball, but I'm happy to see the team I grew up watching finally win.
Anyway, I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your week!
Rian (is not a great artist)

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