Saturday, June 11

Harry Potter > X-Men

So... I found this on Epic Fail, but I don't necessarily see it as a fail. It's actually kind of a win. I like the Cyclops one best.

The only reason this is here is because I just saw X-Men: First Class, and it was awesome. Like really awesome.

There were some super hilarious parts, but I won't say them because I don't want to spoil the movie. :) You should go see it.

Since we're talking about movies, let me just remind you that HARRY POTTER COMES OUT JULY 15th!!!!!!!
I'm so excited! I love Harry Potter so much.... actually, now I want to reread the whole series. I might just do that.

Unfortunately, I'm leaving soon,
and I won't be able to take all of
the books I would need with me. I forgot to tell you, I think.
I'm going to France and Italy. :D
I'm leaving Tuesday around noon and coming back the following Friday. If I can get on a computer, I might post a few pictures for you (those invisible people reading the blog...) while I'm gone. I'm super excited!


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