Thursday, December 22

Kooking with Kristin! (part 2)

Yeah. So Kristin's been over at my house for a while because today was the day we decided to make our annual holiday cookies! :D We've been making them for a while... I mean, the annually part. Like, this is our... 4th or 5th year to do it. We usually have a theme other than Christmas for our Christmas cookies... and we leave the actual Christmas cookies to my mom & our brothers. :) The first year was Maximum Ride, then there was superheroes last year... and we don't remember the other ones haha but this year was ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS! Which I just now realized goes perfectly with the zombie blog thing... but that was totally coincidental. We were making our usual cookies of ourselves because we are vain people who love to see ourselves in cookie form (lol). Anyway, we always have a hard time getting the cookies off the table to the cookie tray so we can bake them... and this year we lost quite a few body parts xD So we decided to make zombies. I'll post the pictures in a second :) But yeah... it's pretty awesome, I think. Kris says that there's nothing really left to talk about unless we start talking about how awesome we are, fighting zombies (we made weapons for ourselves, as you will see)... so I guess I'll just go ahead and post the pictures.


To build your Zombie Holiday cookies, these are the supplies you need: Rolling pins, cookie cutters, icing, and flour. And your imagination, of course ;)

These are the cookies after they were baked... you can see all the random body pieces that will be zombies after we ice them... and the three normal(ish) looking people will be me, Kris, & our friend Kim, whose house we are going to later to spend the night. So we felt she should be included. :) The stocking is actually a smushed car... Just use your imagination when you see it ;) and the trees are just... trees... and the squares are barricades & signs. And then our weapons.

Yeah... and sorry this is obnoxiously small... but this is the finished product! The purple sign in the corner says "ZOMBIE," but it is unnaturally hard to write stuff using gel icing. I don't even know. And yes, the trees are on fire. And there are two random bystanders there... I don't know why, but why not?! And then in order from left to right on the bottom is: Me, Kim, & Kris, with our respective zombies above us. I have an axe, Kim has a chainsaw, and Kris has two guns because she's special (they both go in the same hand so she can double wield [sort of] and still have a free hand lol). Oh. And those presents? They have zombie arms coming out of them. "MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAVE A ZOMBIE!"

So... yeah. I suppose that concludes this episode of Kooking with Kristin! :D


psst: if you click the small picture, it should get bigger, but I'll double check that in a second :)
psst2: nevermind. It doesn't work that way. It's weird. Sorry. SQUINT & LOOK REALLY CLOSELY! lol

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