Thursday, December 29

Plants vs. zombies

Let me just start out by saying: I hate that game.

Let me continue by saying: I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to that game.
It's basically a win-lose (or just a lose-lose, I can see it both ways) situation.
So, I got an iPad for Christmas, which is awesome, so I downloaded PvZ because I really enjoyed playing that game on the iPads at various Apple stores I've gone to, and I downloaded the trial versions for the Xbox and my computer. And I beat the game on my iPad today, with a total of three deaths. I felt pretty accomplished! And then I get to the mini games and things like this started happening:

So in this game, you had to plant starfruit in the spaces with starfruit in them, and you could plant nothing else in those spaces. Then waves of zombies like this came.

This happened about a minute after the previous picture was taken. By this point, I had given up.

Um, okay, never mind then. Apparently this machine won't let me upload pictures to the site. I'll get on my piece-of-junk laptop & upload them in a minute :)
It was pretty ridiculous... The sunflowers suddenly became very stingy with their suns and I'd have to wait for the sky to give me like, three before I could even get one from one sunflower out of five. And then conveyor belts would stop giving me plants and then huge waves like the ones I have pictures of would show up... I probably died like, seventeen times in the mini games alone. It's kind of sad. But it's probably just the way the game's supposed to be, so it's whatever.

I still hate the game, though.

Yours in kicking zombie butt,

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Kris said...

I completely understand your love/hate relationship with that game... it reminds me of how I feel about minesweeper...

Rian said...

Haha and also for me, solitaire.
Man, I hate that game.
But it's sooooo addicting!