Wednesday, September 17

The Average Person Laughs 13 Times Every Day...

Hello Donut!!
... And Kris and I laughed 535 times today. we are DEFINATELY not average, but then again, we already knew that! It was pretty hilarious... one guy kept making me laugh ON PURPOSE because he WANTED to have a certain number of tallies. i'm sitting there laughing BECAUSE of that... and SOMEONE KEEPS MESSING WITH THE MOUSE BECAUSE i'm typing and it keeps moving, but i unplugged the wi-fi thing for it, so no worries. anyway, today was a pretty hilarious day! i don't know if we're going to count again... but yeah. I know. i'm being random, but aren't i always? true. loti, i'm talking to myself AGAIN now... oh well! ok.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)
psst: and for all of you who are disappointed because i was not posting this ON TIME, i'm sorry for my bad sense of punctuality. loti, that's a funny word...

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