Thursday, September 18

Stalking. 0.0

I'm sure you all know that Rian thinks I'm a stalker... so I'm going to show you one of my OBSERVATION REPORTS from eighth grade. Of subject one. Who that is, you'll never know.

mwahaha...just kidding.
Just to make this clear, I didn't actually stalk anyone. I just noticed them...

Subject 1 Observation 9/24
Before school/ 1st period- NO SIGHTING
2nd period- talked about library
3rd period- talked about bad grades
4th period- seating chart changed. i'm across the room
5th/6th period/atheltics- NO SIGHTING
hallways- walking to 7th grade hallway
   before 4t period
s.1 observed Ri and I talking after school

See, it's not very stalkerish. I don't really have much else to talk about today. I'm gonna go research. And I need to do my math homework.
Which randomly reminded me of Romeo and Juliet.
I think the ending is hilarious. 

4 people were awesome enough to comment.:

DAS said...

is this a made-up person?

*kris said...

nope. this is a totally real person...

TypingtoOblivion said...

Wow, that's actually kind of interesting. It might be fun to "notice" someone like that. Romeo and Juliet constantly bothers me. Thinking about it just... Drives me up the wall. My favorite character is Tibalt, though. "The Prince of Cats"!

*kris said...

we laughed so much at how the people in the movie said his name. I don't really have a favorite character in romeo and juliet...