Tuesday, September 23

The Best Birthday a Girl Could EVER Ask For

Hello Donut!
Yeah, just FYI, but the title's kinda sarcastic... just a little. So here's how my birthday went:

  1. Tiredness- fall asleep on the way to school.
  2. Get to school, drop off stuff, and go to the office to go turn something in- something that SHOULD HAVE been turned in YESTERDAY except for the TEACHER i needed to turn it IN TO wasn't THERE. arg. so i turned it in.
  3. Took a Geometry test.
  4. Had a friend give me a card that said Happy Birthday on it.
  5. Went to gym. Missed my name being said on the announcements because it was my birthday- yesh, they go tell people ON THE ANNOUNCEMENTS if it's your birthday. Dressed out, did excercises, then walked down to the park, where we had to run 6 laps around the football field- which is in no way ANY smaller than ANY OTHER football field... unfortunately.
  6. Chased little spiders around on a table with my finger and a stick that i called my Spider Wand... until i broke it. oops.
  7. Created a show called NINJA SQUIRREL that was about 3 squirrels i saw in a tree- Ninja Squirrel, Invisible Squirrel, and Secret Squirrel.
  8. Went to World Geography. Took a vocabulary quiz- missed 2 words. Had 4 people sing me happy birthday. Read random chapter in textbook.
  9. Went to lunch. Got snickerdoodle cookies and pawky from kris. (THANKZ SOOO SO MUCH, BTW!!) had 3 other people tell me happy birthday.
  10. Went BACK to Geography and took Cornell notes on what we read BEFORE lunch. ugh.
  11. Went to English. Got papers back, turned in essays, and presented an ugly drawing of Wang Lung's oldest son (for those of you who read The Good Earth... it was a boring book.)
  12. Got home. Editting kris's story that i STILL have no clue about... i just know what the story line is and who all the characters are and stuff... it's a good one. i like it.
  13. Blogging! lotio.
  14. will be leaving to do MORE homework... but thankfully not that much. just a project... wOw. i just said that like it was the most USUAL thing in the world... well, it kinda is, but i don't like them. yeah.
  15. WHY ARE THE NUMBERS STILL HERE?! oh... cuz i never turned them off. lotio. i knew that. just tricking you!!! lotio... -nervous laughter- now to get these numbers turned off... yeah.

HAH I DID IT!!! YOU DIDN'T THINK I COULD DO IT BUT I DID!!! actually, you're probably thinking that i'm probably one of the dumbest people on the face of the planet. i'm not. i'm just tired. hello!!! did you NOT just read what i did today!? those tests and quizzes were... actually pretty easy, but i STILL had to use my brain!!! lotio. ok.

Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)

tZvR (RIAN!! is wondering why this is being double spaced now... i didn't do anything!!!! AHH!!!)

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TypingtoOblivion said...

Happy belated birthday!♥