Wednesday, September 17

dreams, homework, STUPID PAPER CRANES, synopsises(synopsi?), and wubzy.

Okay. Since SOMEBODY lost the awesome paper crane I made that had a note in it that took me almost twenty minutes to write and took up the front AND back of sheet of paper, I WON'T tell you about my dream in which I screamed because of a phone call and everything was burning.

That was one long sentence. But since I've already told you about it, and I can't resist, I'll go ahead and give you the synopsis.
Wow. Weird. Wubzy.
Just kidding! I was just thinking about how they were all W words (another W), and wubzy randomly popped into my mind. Now back to the dream.
Ugh. I don't feel like retyping it...I'd rather write it again...
Basically, I was randomly in town and everything was burning(prepare yourself for a runon sentence...because I feel like it), and I walked into a print shop then appeared in my house. Then the phone rang and I answered and this lady asked if it was me, and I said yes, and she was going on about publishing my book and how everyone (FFY!) loved it. Then I screamed.
Then I fainted.
Then we were at school, in the history room, I think, and Rian and I were randomly leaning up against the wall while the teacher was teaching, and I told her(she IS my editor), and we were screaming and jumping up and down, and no one noticed.
How's that for a detailed summary?
Yeah...I've got a biology lab to write, math homework, a math project, an english project, an essay to revise, another english project, but with a group, and a biology worksheet. Then I have to practice this stupid dance because we're presenting it tomorrow, and I've gotta finish my french, and I have a history vocab quiz to study for, and a math test to study for. Both of which are on Rian's birthday, which, in case you didn't know, is on tuesday.
I probably won't be on until 8:30, if not later, and I might not be able to stay very long because I need sleep. Seriously. 
By the way, all this hard work is paying off! I got a 91 on my math test, which brings my grade up from an 88! Yay me! Now to raise the biology grade to an A...As long as I did good on the essay, it should come up.
Okay. I need to get started.

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Rian said...

wow wow wubzy, wubzy wubzy wow wow! loti
tZvR (RIAN!!)