Sunday, September 21

I'M BAAAaaaack!!!

Hello Donut!
loti, the title reminds me of sheeps. anyway. i'm back from Lake Texoma, and I will tell you about it, whether you like it or not, ok?! :)
driving. couldn't find 102.1 on my radio, so i scrolled and found 102.5, MAD ROCK STATION with the "best rock ever created". This was the first song i heard: You Don't Know Me by the rumblebees (try to find it... the song's not even on youtube!). It was hilarious. Reached camp. played around at the little park. talked with friends. went to bed (in a tent) at 12:15.
woke up @ 8:30 to find everyone else ate breakfast without me. (so sad!) played at park. talked with friends. did homework (that is now almost finished- YAY ME!). Went to lake. Tubed with a friend (it was my first time). Hurt my thumb. Friend saw 2 dead fish (and we found a dead shriveled up turtle on the beach :( sad!) Saw some guy with ginormous catfish- he gave us a striper and ONE of his THREE ginormous catfish- the one without the eggs and without the other fish stuck in it's mouth. Went back to camp. Ate awesome dinner. Had cake (for my brother's bday ((which was actually saturday)) and my bday (((which is tuesday)))). listened to music. played Mafia (a card game that's TOTALLY AWESOME!). went to bed (in a tent again!)
woke up @ 8:30 (again!) to find that everyone was waiting for us so that they could clean up the food. Had some chocolate poptarts (which are CLEARLY the best poptarts ever) after the breakfast burrito. Played at park. Helped pack and clean. Went to swings (sry, i went and swung every day- hey. the last time i was on a swing was in... 5th grade! i'm a 9th grader!!). played at park again. ate random snack food. went home.
So now i'm here and you know pretty much all i did this weekend. now i have to go do MORE homework that i forgot about. Oops.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

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*kris said...

I disagree. Brown Sugar Cinnamon are the best poptarts ever...