Tuesday, September 16


Okay. So we got this awesome comment, and it's about my fan club, KFC. Kris' Fan Club

It's kinda stalkerish, so I'm not gonna post it, but if you can find it, you can read it! Thanks Terri.
Note to Rian: Dieses hatte SO besseres, ein imposterization nicht zu sein. das ist alles, das ich wirklich sagen wollte.

So, thanks KFC members!
postscript: can I be an honorary member?
:) Yay! (even though you didn't say yes/no yet)
Kris. again.

6 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Anonymous said...

OMG!! i was SUPER UBER excited when Terri said she found your blog!!! it's totally amazing and awe inspiring!! i think we're gonna start a blog too... called KFC, of course, and it'll be ALL ABOUT YOU!!! of COURSE we're stalkerish... isn't that what fan clubs are SUPPOSED to be?! and plus, we're just expanding on the time that YOU were a stalker... even that rian person claims that's gonna be your job when you get one!!! and OF COURSE you're ALREADY an honorary member... AND the leader... we just have President Terri, i'm the VP, Freida, and then the members, Hally, Bailey, and Sam!!
You're the amazingest!! (see?! we make up word just like you!!!)
- Freida

*kris said...

WOW. again. yep...this is should talk to us sometime...

Anonymous said...

nice blog. you're awesome kris. can i read one of your stories? they seem cool... especially that one time we broke into y- oh. i'm not supposed to tell you about that. anyway, you're the greatest, and yeah.
-Bailey, Member #2 of KFC... i still don't get why it's called that. i mean, everytime i see that i get hungry and want some chicken.

*kris said...

...i have a feeling...mainly cuz Rian's the only one that has ever read my, yeah. hello bailey.

Rian said...

Ik ben niet alsof het uw fans.

tZvR (RIAN!!)

DAS said...

thats just plain me the jeebies. kentucky fried chicken!