Tuesday, September 16

awesomest game EVER!!!

Hello Donut!
I really like to play this game... as my friend danielle would put it, "it's mind-bottling". It's a like... an "escape the room" kind of game, i guess... but it's really confusing sometimes, and you kinda have to think a little. Or you could ask me! i've played the game like, 10 times... each after waiting for like, a month or so, so i didn't have it fresh in my mind still. also, the music is AWESOME!! loti, it really is. i LOVE that music. but anyway, just go to THIS SITE and click Enter Motas. (Motas= Mystery Of Time And Space) if u need help, comment or cbox me, or if u know my email email me, or whatever. you could CALL me if u knew my number... yep. so just try it out! use your noggin in a FUN NON-SCHOOL RELATED GAME!!! i promise it's hilarious. and non-school related. what kind of person in their right minds plays a school related game?! ME if it's that awesome squares game... loti. but i promise it's not school related. Try it please!!!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

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