Friday, September 19

Story of my life

Well, not really, because I don't have near heart attacks everyday. I guess I'll tell you what happened.

Usually in the mornings, I go sit with some of my friends in front of the classroom because the door is locked and we can't go in yet. But today, no one was there, and I didn't want to be a nerd and sit there all alone, so I walked downstairs to the library.
I set my notebooks down at a table where one of my other friends was sitting, then we went and looked at the graphic novels. She recommended one, Crimson Hero, so I got it. Then I went back upstairs to my class.
About halfway through, I realized I had left my notebooks ON THE TABLE, IN THE LIBRARY! I was twitching, and my heart was pounding because I couldn't imagine what would happen if someone took them. Of course, class is an hour and a half long, so I had to wait. I read Crimson Hero, which was awesome, then, when the bell rang, practically sprinted to the library.
Luckily, they were there. The librarian remembered me and helped me find them. 
Then I had to speed walk to Journalism, which was about halfway across the school. Of course, when I get there, our teacher says we're going to be working in the library today. So basically, I just RETRACED my STEPS!
Our group finished early, and since I had finished Crimson Hero, I went to check out the next two.

Me: Do I need to put this in the slot or can you check it in right here?
Librarian: Just give it me. (blah blah. library stuff) Weren't you in here this morning?
Me:-nervous laughter- yes.
Librarian: Wow. -laughter- You read fast. You know, we just got in a new graphic novel you would probably like.
Me: Really? 
Librarian: Okay. These are due October 10th. Or whenever you finish. which will probably be today.
Me: -laughter again-

She was really nice. I like librarians.
And yes, I have finished them. I read three graphic novels in one day! They were very good. I highly recommend them. I've got to find the rest of the series, though. And in 4th period, I was thinking that school got out at 2 instead of 2:30. So I was like, "Yay! twenty-nine minutes!"
And my friend goes, "Really?! I thought school ended at 2:30."
"Oh yeah...Oops."
Because of the pep rally freshmen aren't allowed to go to, my math class was TWO HOURS. I nearly died in there.
but I'm here now. And sleepy, because I stayed up until midnight trying to finish my math homework.
Then I woke up at 5:30. Not fun at all...Gonna sleep this weekend.
Okay, this turned out to be a very long tale of my day, so I'm going to stop. Rian's going on a camping trip, so she won't be here. I will. Doing math homework most likely.
Listening to I'm Sorry I Can't be Perfect, by Simple Plan,

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DAS said...

i love the nervous laughter part. i can just imagine you doing exactly that, even if u really did it. y can't freshmen go to pep rallies? thats weird. i went to one. it was wild. and enormously strange. they decapitated and dismembered a ranger (thats who we were playing against.) then they threw the body parts all over the gym. but that was after all the cheers, speechs, and shows of talent. pretty strange my school is.

TypingtoOblivion said...

Hahaha, that seriously sucks. I can't believe you had class in the library. That's a funny one.
Isn't Crimson Hero the one about Volleyball? (If so, I read some of that in Shojo Magazine. I like it too)

*kris said...

There's not enough space in the gym, so they exclude us...yes, Crimson Hero is about volleyball. it was pretty good, and you can read it online if you want.