Saturday, September 20


I've been cleaning all day, so I haven't been on. But I've only been awake since 11, which makes sense because I went to sleep at midnight on Thursday. I slept for almost twelve hours. 

Yesterday, my brother made me mad because he DELETED the pictures of Max and Fang, so i had to redo them. And today, while I was trying to make Rianna a card, my mom forced me to clean my room. And I still need to go to the store. And now Jason's trying to force me off the computer, but this is the first I've been on all day! I'm also hungry because all I had to eat was Captain Crunch. Which I love. In a minute I'm going to make a sandwich. Yum. For some reason, I only eat peanut butter sandwiches at school, but when I'm at home I have bologna and mayo sandwiches... I toast the bread too. Which oddly reminds me of Rob and Roxie...maybe I should write another short story about them...Or just another CC. Or maybe I should stick to the agenda and finished Kyler's story...Yeah. Going to eat and probably play guitar hero.
postscript: i totally forgot- my cousin hates FFY. I can't believe it. It came on the radio the other day while she was over, and I said, "I LOVE this song!"
And she goes, "I HATE this song!"
Then we were both like, "WHAT?!"
It was kinda funny. I also heard it about three times while I was cleaning my room.
Actually leaving now.

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DAS said...

what is ffy???

*kris said...

fall for you. the awesomest song ever.

TypingtoOblivion said...

Who sings Fall for you?

*kris said...

Secondhand Serenade

Rian said...

yay a card para me!
cookies too? loti.
HOW DARE HE DELETE THEM!? they still don't work, fyi...