Sunday, September 21


Today was interesting. At my church, I volunteer, and I was helping take these kids to the bathroom, and I heard some weird stuff. Keep in mind that these were two and three year olds.

"I want a baby sister!"
"Your tummy's going to get big."

"The water tastes like grass!"

It was odd. Then, while I was putting up these poster things, one of the teachers in the second grade class comes up to me and goes, "Are you in this class?"
What in the world?! Do I look like a second grader?! I'm in high school! 
Then I got stabbed with a staple and this other worker was trying to get me to put germ x on it.
It was weird.
And I'm hungry and I still have homework. ugh.
I'm hungry,

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DAS said...

those are some strange toddlers...maybe that teacher thought you were an aid or something...also, how did you get stabbed by a staple?

*kris said...

someone had tried to staple something together, badly i might add, instead of using tape. I didn't know the staple was there, and it poked me in the finger. it hurt.

Rian said...

plus the fact that kris is just so short, ANYONE would think that she's in second grade! loti JK I PROMISE!!! otherwise ppl would think that i was like a 3rd grader or something... loto