Friday, November 28

"Continue driving until I say you are lost."

Okay...Thanksgiving was pretty fun, but also pretty weird. We visited my uncle who used to live in Germany, and there were a bunch of random people that I didn't know, all speaking German. It kind of freaked me out. Before we ate, I walked to the park with my cousins, brother and mom. One of my cousins was antisocil and only talked to my mom, and the other two were hyper. Then we were forced to eat outside, which I hate, and a bunch of hilarious stuff happened. 

I fell asleep so many times that day...that morning I didn't go to bed until one forty eight,then my mom woke me up at six (1). Then I fell asleep on the car ride there, until we got to McDonalds (2). Then, after we ate, I fell asleep again(3). Then we got to my uncle's house. After we ate there was nothing to do, so I fell asleep(4). Then I woke up and we got in the car to go to the hotel. More sleep(5). Then I fell asleep watching the food network in the hotel(6).
That's alot...I did almost the same thing today, too. about the title. Last night, our GPS lady, now named Maxine, got us lost. She was taking us through this back road and she said turn right. And she was counting down the feet and everything. So we turn, and about five minutes later, she goes, "You are off specified route. Recalculating route. Alternate route not available. You are lost."
And we were just like, "...YOU told us to turn!"
So then we had to make a u-turn (no, I turn! Just kidding...inside joke) in the middle of the road. It was pretty crazy. I think that's all...I've hadthe same song stuck in my head for about four days in a row. It's called Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low, one of the most amazing bands in existence! 
I guess i should stop typing now...It wasn't really as much as I thought it would be.
Well, bye! 

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