Wednesday, November 26

People who have problems using punctuation annoy me.

I found this on one MX user's page.

yo ashlee if u have readed twilight u willunderstand if not to bad ok i got to the part of were he told bella he imprinted on ness and she got mad if i were her i would have eaten jacob but first i would cover him in barbaque sauce

This makes me feel like an editor and critic, but that's the kind of mood I'm in. so deal with it...Or stop reading. First off, no punctuation whatsoever in this paragraph wannabe. The next one's my favorite: READED? Readed isn't, and never will be, a word in the english language. It is also not a past tense form of the word READ. would have EATEN JACOB? 
Reasons why this will never in a million years happen:
1. Jacob would kill you first
2. If he didn't, Seth or Bella would (despite the fact that you "are her".)
3. You could do anything else to bring harm to Jacob, yet you choose to eat him? Why not kill or stab or something like that?
4. If you were Bella, you wouldn't want to eat your best friend. You also wouldn't cover him in barbecue sauce.
5. Barbaque is not a word.


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