Sunday, November 30

Post with a point

Okay...I haven't had a post with a point for a while now. So here goes nothing (NUMBER STYLE!)

1. I FINISHED my bio foldable. Yay for me.
2. I am about 1/5th of the way done with my math project. Yay again!
3. I have not started my english review, biology review, english essay, or english individual project.
4. I will be starting my english group project in a few minutes...or whenever people come over.
5. I had THE WEIRDEST dream. I don't really feel like typing it up, but since it's for you guys, i guess I will.
6. I was in World Geography and my teacher was being weird and making us go up to the front to buy groceries. Then the whole class was randomly on ONE bed, watching a movie. Then, we looked outside the window and you could see people running around crazily because it was raining. So then we got ready to go to fourth period, which was geometry for me, and when I got there, I realized I didn't have any of my stuff. So then I went to the kiosk thing in the commons, where my mom was (??), and she lead me back to the room, where my stuff was. And cows followed us.
7. I warned you. My dreams have problems.
8. I ate lots and lots of food on Thanksgiving, and I fell asleep alot. I think I already told you this.
9. This month is going to be super super busy, so sorry if I neglect. But I will have exams, and a bunch of other stuff.. PROJECTS. HATE THEM.
10. Yeah...I guess that's all.
11. So I guess I should stop typing numbers now, shouldn't I?

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