Monday, December 1

If I told you what I just did, you would think I'm crazier than I actually am.

Hint: It was a teensy tiny bit stalkerish. Just a bit. I promise...well, I shouldn't say that. It could have been worse...

Well, not really, but at least I didn't copy and paste...

Okay...enough on that subject! Time for positive thinking. Even though that's not really what I want to do right now...I'm in a bad mood. It's mostly my fault though...I was the one who wanted pizza. And I was also the one who wanted to read it...Argh.
Off Subject: Is it physically possible for eyes to scream? Just wondering...because that's what the song says.
Also, I'm working on a private project right now. Which means I shall focus on school work right now, while slowly writing at home. This is to help myself with my goal of getting all A's this six weeks. And possibly for the semester. For the semester, the only grades I have to worry about are Geometry and Biology. If my current grades turned out to be my final ones, I would be okay with that. Oh- and about the private project. It's a secret. No one gets to read it until it's finished. Because I have a good feeling about it...and no asking for summaries! Hehe...reverse're probably going to ask just because I said that.

Well...I'm going to go mope around. I've given up on my math project for today...Wish me luck tomorrow.

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