Friday, December 5


kinda... yeah.
hello donut! we are again...i'm at rianna's house this time though...
ssssoooooooo... what to do tonight? no ideas from this brain person thingy.
i like ice cream!! (this is my thing to "break the ice"... yeah)
No!!! Not ice!! That means it's cold...which, in case you didn't know, is bad, at least for me,...i dislike the cold..yay for the first sentence line thingy over one line it this post! and it's about to be two! and now it's almost three....not really. i'm having a typo attack right's not nearly as bad as the typo typhoon..or having so many typos you start speaking in a different language(O.o)
we did that one time... totally hilarious. in the field i remembered, you were, incredible, hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah. (lyrix to... andy ur a star by da killers! yay KILLERS!~ which reminds me... I FEEL IRRATIONAL! SO CONFRONTATIONAL! TO TELL THE TRUTH I AM, GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER! ((yeah... getting away with murder by papa roach... and kristin feels like a bear! RUN FROM THE RABID DOLPHINS WHO GOT THEIR RABIES FROM MERMAIDS!!! kristin is here to elaborate, Kristin?
YEs, Rianna...So, the discovery was made earlier today, when i started searching the reason WHY squirrels don't get rabies, and they's just that they're too small to live from bites that would give them rabies...then we had a dolphin toy, so I searched if dolphins could get rabies, and it yes, since they're mammals, but they'd either have to get bitten by a dog, unlikely, or another mammal...and ii thought it said that'swhere the whole saying thing came from.....TWILIGHT GUY HAS PERFORMED ANOTHER COMMON SENSELESS ACT!! and it's common senseless enough for me to post it here...well, if you have no idea who I'm talking about, you should search for a post...somewhere. Okay, so today he spent the whole two hours of class searching for pictures of Edward Cullen...and yes, he is a guy. We've talked about this before...One of my friends thinks he's gay...and she wants me to ask him but that's rude...even though it would be kinda funny/awkward. Now time for Rianna!! Yayness.
((("back to you, Rianna" is what kristin SHOULD have said but she didn't. oh well. 1+2+3=6!!! no, NOT six factorial... GAH! HORRIBLE MATH~!!! -_-' kristin was just pointing out that this ((((-_-)))) was not a smile, defeating of the purpose of my screenname, which is riannasmiles. yeah... i'm hungry. oh well. dinner later... i like bio projects. shall i elaborate, or shall kristin? ME! ok... right after i sing these awesome songs by cobra starship... nvm. i'm trying to sing and type at the same time... not really working right now... but oh well. so for our bio project ((((the reason kristin is over)))) loti we both almost forgot about the post... yeah. DISTRACTIONS... oh yeah... anyway! for our bio project we were doing a powerpoint, and we got... distracted... again... and started coloring all over the last slide... it was amazerful. so all three of us ((((there was another friend over too)))) took a picture of it, and made it the backgrounds of our phones. ((((almost forgot AGAIN...)))) maybe we should just stop eh?
This is bad...I just found out that I had a notepad on my phone. and i've had it, yes the SAME phone, since the beginning of seventh grade....i have problems....yeah, i guess we should least it's not anywhere near as long as last time's. Not that that would be bad...but it would just be REALLY long. Because that one was REALLY REALLY LONG. YAY for really really really long posts! And food! From the deli my brother thinks he owns....I just listened to a fun song....Face Down by RJSA. if you don't know who that is, too bad...because I don't feel like typing out the REALLY REALLY REALLY long name...even though I just typed like five really's...but it's not close to how long the name's a good song though. It's fun to sing when you're at home alone and you're pretty sure((((since you can NEVER be positive)))) that no one's watching...PARANOIA. When I was in the bathroom, I just started thinking, "what if someone was hiding behind the curtain?" First off, that'd be really weird/stalkerish...and gross...why would you choose a bathroom, of all places, to hide? You'd have better luck hiding in a bedroom...but that can be just as weird...just stick to looking through windows...yeah, this post should end. Because I have nothing to do and you can only talk about paranoia so long...
it's Red Jump Suit Apparatus. and that's not NEARLY as long as Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealers Incentives... loti i love their song I Get By... yeah.
KRISTIN HAS STML!! and YAISA... yeah. don't deny it~!
Kris.)))))))))) case you didn't understand that, you should go WAAYYYYYYY back up to the beginning and note the parenthesis. Yep..............that's how blank my mind is right now...I was planning on saying something....which i just remembered!
Okay, so we were in the car on the way home from school (remember, i rode home with rianna so we could "work on" our bio project...and...well, read:
K(me, duh): So guess who was following me in the hallway earlier?
R(her, duh. frowny face-->): Who?
K: guess...
R: oh, uh, ****?
K: ****?

rianna started laughing here...

R: **** ****!
R: You forgot about ****?!

more laughing...
by me also this time

R: I'm telling him tomorrow (on his birthday) that you forgot about him!
K: I didn't forget about him!
R: Yes you did!
RM(her mom, duh): you probably know like ten ****'s.

end conversation was interesting. **** is my friend, by the way...not my fried. rian's too, kinda of she says.
Or are you?
I CAN NOT SAVE YOU! I CAN'T EVEN SAVE MYSELF!!! (save yourself by stabbing westward) I forgot about my friend on the day before his birthday...and rian's threatening to tell him....nice, huh?
Yepp...must sign out again since we wrote so much...i call first.

loti kris has problems with my laptop... especially the: c, insert, and shift keys.
tZvR!! ^-^

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DAS said...

u guys are very crazy, u know that??? im bored out of my mind right now with stupid a pirate....arggggggg....thats how insane i am right now...wouldn't it be weird if someone wrote an entire blog on someone's comment thing??? that'd be hilarious...gotta go jer-ron-a-mo....says it like its read. see ya petit pois!