Monday, December 8

boo for school!

yay for posting!

my teachers seem to have gone crazy and think that I, and my other classmates, are only enrolled in their class. Just the fact that my week looks like this (see below), makes me sad/tired:

Monday: french benchmark, oral today
biology QUEST (test/quiz)
english vocab quiz, extra credit essay due
Tuesday: world geo unit test that i must ace to bring my grade up to a B
math homework
Wednesday: french benchmark, written section
       biology eco tour project due
       english something or other...
Thursday: something in world geo, i'm sure
   math project due, homework too probably, math project due
Friday: french benchmark STILL
something stupid in biology, probably
english project due that i haven't started on
Monday: OTHER english project video group thing due that i HAVE started

Yeah...this week might just kill me. And I MUST MUST MUST study for my world geography unit test, since I got a 30 and a 60 on two others...which leaves me with a 77 in the class. So I HAVE to study tonight so i don't fail that...This thing is being really weird and not wrapping the text. I don't know if it's my computer, but it's really annoying...Well, I'd better start my math homework, finish the project, work on biology and study for history. Sorry this is so short.

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