Thursday, December 4

APPLE PI PIE!!! (deja vu)

hello donut! (rian)


writer4k(kris): did you know that Max is a test tube?
elephantsporks(rian): i know... that was weird... welcome to the random joint post that we're making because we haven't posted in a while and we're supposed to be working on the math project, but we're not...
elephantsporks: yeah.. today was interesting for me, how about u? 
writer4k: mine was weird...short term memory lossssssssssssssss.
elephantsporks: TOO LATE! no adding... she just said she needed to add something. anyway... this morning my bus driver was squealing about people almost hitting dogs... and then in spanish... gah. kris & her memory loss+jason randomly appearing everywhere= ME having memory loss...
elephantsporks: also this afternoon on my bus this kid ate a ladybug... yeah. no one believed him, so he stuck his tongue out and it was just sitting there on his tongue...and then he swallowed it. and people were squealing. AGAIN. -_- my head hurts.
writer4k: so, on tuesday, I had to go to Jason's band was long and the lady taking pictures had a flashy camera...and i mean that literally. even if you were turned around with your eyes closed, you could STILL see it. It was annoying, especially because she had to take like fifteen pictures each time a different group came onto the stage. and this stupid kid in front of me kept turning around when she took the pictures then screaming because it hurt his eyes. and when i first sat in my seat, i found a book, which i read during the concert. And yes, i finished the whole thing. It was good. I don't remember what it was called, but it was yellow and there was a dog on it...and the main character had problems. it was funny. and 240 pages. 
elephantsporks: YAY~ finally my turn. and now i forgot what i was going to type... just a second... oh yeah. i also had a concert (orchestra) on tuesday, and i was there for a freaking whole 4 HOURS! HOURS PEOPLE!! and this one guy was spazzing out cuz there was a bug and his cello kept falling and it was during a speech the director was giving, so everyone just kinda paused, and when he finally stopped, the director's all, ok then... yeah. twas weird. we were all laughing really hard, and it stunk cuz the dresses are really tight. and i couldn't breathe well. and i was laughing. so i was almost suffocating. ¥├íh. WHAT? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!?!!?!? i was typing yeah, but it came out yah, and then with all the random accent and lines and stuff... tis very strange. like that one thing i just forgot. yeah.
writer4k: yep...i don't have anything to say. and now i'm using weird voices while listening to one of the new awesomest songs ever...but it shall be a secret!! MWAHAHA! Just'll know sometime. And....MY TURN!
writer4k: hehe
elephantsporks: MAWAWAWAWA!! that's pretty much what kris typed with her MWAHAHA thing... she said it sounds like an evil baby and i agree. can you imagine that!?!?! it's totally hilarious if u can... yeah. -_- i hate school. kris says we should take "a pictures" (direct quote) and now she's talking about grammer books even though she's REALLY talking about my geography book... and now she thinks... nvm. we're talking about songs now... and listening to a song i'm singing... did u know i can't type & sing at the same time... it's weird.  yeah... ok? what? random ? 
writer4k:yeah...i'm having a brain malfunction. i mentioned this earlier, but that was just the memory section...this randomly reminds of something someone told me...there was some serial killer guy who punched people's foreheads then cut out the part of their brain that controls common sense and stuff and fed it to them....idk why i even thought of this...well, i do know, but it still doesn't really make any sense at all. cat.
elephantsporks: i like sport.
writer4k: soo....rianna's reading my doodle. i should take a picture of it so you could read it. and i was just typing without looking at the keyboard. like, i was actually looking in the opposite direction. did you know that jupiter and venus were the closest they'll be in seventy six years...and i saw them and figured out what they were before i even knew!! i was in the car with my mom and there were these super bright star like things and i was like, "they're not twinkling, so they're not stars...they must be planets! well, neither of them is mars, since mars is red, and same for mercury, since it's too close to the sun to be seen. And saturn is rarely seen at all, and the rest behind it are too far away to be that they must be jupiter and venus! and venus is the one below it, brighter."
elephantsporks:i like linkin park! anyway... with what kris was typing about... yeah. i saw them too, and decided that the brighter one was venus, and then i wasn't sure about the other one. at first i thought it was mercury, but then my dad's all, what if the one i knew was venus was mars. in that case, the one that was "mercury" would really be jupiter, and then i looked them up and found that they were venus & jupiter. yay for Zeus and Aphrodite!! ARTEMIS!!! yeah.. Greek mythology is awesome. :] 
writer4k:yepp..........................idk what to say...when i got home today i ate hamburger helper...cuz i felt like it. sooooooooooooooooo. my dad said my awesome free tetris website looked liek a rip was funny. and we set up our christmas tree, but we don't have any of the stuf on it yet...except for the lights that came on it. it was a pre-lit treee!!!!!!! yep...nothing else to talk about. EXCEPT MY MAGIC!! Oh yeah...if you have a myspace, you should check out the human basketball video. it's hilarious. i just randomly clicked on it.
elephantsporks: that thing with me saying "i like sport" was not really me. kris was impostering me. just fyi, sport was an elephant that was hanged. yesh, it's hanged. HANGED is past tense of hang, in the sense of someone hanging(like having a noose tied around their neck and dying) . HUNG is the past tense of hang in the sense of, like, hanging something on the wall. yeah, i was saying that earlier this morning... but if i AM wrong, please correct me. but only IF YOU ARE SURE!!! NO LYING! LIARS!!! LIAR LIAR PANTS FOR HIRE... for kris. cuz she doesn't have her own pants, did you know that? no, probably not... :) long story, sorry. i'm too lazy to type it. 
writer4k: well, we sould probably work now...since we haven't done anything since rian's been over here....yep. i love magic. don't you think it's cool that stuff that ends in c has a k  in it when you add ing. like picnicking and magicking, which isn't necessarily a word, but whatever. And panicking., rian's last comment, then MATH! YAY! that was sarcastic in case you couldn't tell...
elephantsporks: ya know, i came over so she could help me with a project...and we aren't doing anything but sitting, typing, and being our normal weird selves. and kris won't let me PUT ANOTHER SONG ON!!! gah!!! no music=not cool.  -_-

off to be boring and work now. -_- i'm psyched! -note my sarcasm-
umm....yeah. leaving now.

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